Rubik is a efficient, scalable micro-framework for writing REST client and server-side applications. It provides a pluggable layer of abstraction over `net/http` and enables automation of development environment through extensive tooling. Rubik aims to deliver similar experience on projects of different scale and keep support of existing Go's `net/http` interfaces for cross-compatibility.


  • storage-chooser

    My first ever open source file picker library for Android that is easier to implement and feature rich.

  • Fontio

    Fontio let's you change the font of your Android devices and has many choices to do so depending upon your root status.

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  • Code Riddler

    A fun platform for developers to come and solve riddles about coding and development in general.

  • Tint

    Tint is a Go package that let's you color your output on the terminal and has features like first order color methods.

  • Osslib - Web

    Osslib-Web is a tool to create osslib.json which is used by osslib-android to create license screen.

  • Osslib - Android

    A project that let's you display the open-source libraries that you are using in your Android app with convinient links.


Fork my projects

If you find my projects interesting feel free to fork it and contribute and/or discuss with me what's in your mind. I won't bite ..bowww!!