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Privacy Policy

This policy is meant to make you understand of what information we at Codekidlabs collect for apps and services to function, why we collect them and how can you manage your information.


1. Types of information we collect

We collect and store the information and requests sent by you using the Fontio Share feature inside the Fontio app. This information is not in anyway used to store any private information such as contact, name, mobile number or address.

2. Payment walkthrough

We use Google proprietary In-App-Billing library to let you pay for the premium services inside Fontio. We do not collect any account information used during this process but require you to be signed-in to a Google account in order to avail these services.

3. Data we store

Fontio stores the information of all your font configuration in a file and uploads it to cloud storage in order to retain/restore it in-case any of your local data is deleted. This is purely used for backup purposes and does not contain any user information in it.